Review: CEPrx IT Band Compression Strap

Most of my social network followers have heard, about forty times now, that I suffered from terrible IT band pain during my last half marathon. By the end of mile one, I was in pain that caused me to limp. Thanks to The Stick, I was able to work on the tight knots. I tried some KT Tape on my IT band, but that just wasn’t getting the job done – still painful while running

So, I read some excellent reviews about IT band compression straps. Reviewers referred to the straps as a “God send” and “the difference between a 1 mile or 9 mile run.” I was skeptical, because…really? A compression strap can get you 8 more miles…?

Well, let me just tell you – I AM A BELIEVER. I am IN LOVE with my CEPrx IT band compression strap.

Last night, I decided I would run two miles “on pace” (the pace I want to run in my next half marathon). I finished my run in slightly under 19 minutes (not exactly where I want to be, but that’s a different post). I used the strap on my left leg, which gives me the most issues – NO PAIN.

A few days before that, I ran intervals 0f 2 minutes running/1 minute walking. I started to feel burning and soreness in my IT band. I find it hard to believe that I suddenly healed dramatically within 48 hours of that run, so I’m definitely crediting the compression strap. When I took it off, same thing – no pain!

Anyone that has been injured and loves to run knows how terrible the “am I still injured” feeling is. You don’t know the answer, sometimes, until you start running again – and the answer isn’t always the one that you want. I was very happy to find something that gave me good news!

Price: 5/5 – It was like 22 dollars at Second Sole (cheaper on Amazon – 17!). If that’s what it costs to manage an injury that plagues over 40% of runners, WIN.

Ease of use: 5/5 – Several people have complained about “label issues” with other brands, like the New Balance strap. Apparently, the product label on the band prevents the Velcro from sticking properly. Not the case here – the entire band is Velcro, so now only is it easily customizable, but it fits a variety of sizes.

Comfort: 5/5 – I mean, compression can always feel a bit “tight.” There are no tags or anything that stick out, though – so in terms of compression straps and sleeves, absolutely a 5.

Fail Proof: 4.5/5 – You can make this band as tight as you want. The label states “do not cut off circulation,” but I can promise you that someone out there doesn’t read that…

Does What It Says: Without a doubt, the band WORKS for ITBS. The packaging states that it can be used for any lateral knee pain, and I can’t vouch for that (YET). For the IT band, though? MY NEW BFF.

You can purchase yours HERE on Amazon.


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