Running Shoes: Meet @jeph.runs.sherby

About Jeph

Jeph, who still considers himself somewhat of a novice, is a half-marathoner (and soon to be marathoner) from Canada. Many of us have a competitive side, and that counts for Jeph: He ran his first half-marathon as a “talk the talk, walk the walk” type of gig after smack-talking a friend. Ironically, his friend did not run – but Jeph was able to fully discover his love of running through those sixteen weeks of half-marathon training.

Challenges & Obstacles

For Jeph, finding a training plan via Google raised several questions: What am I doing? How do I prepare? Who do I go to for advice? Where can I get my questions answered? His biggest challenge was not finding a training plan, but ensuring that he knew enough about the ins and outs of running to get started. Thoughts of injury loomed, and learning that a runner in his first half marathon passed away on the course didn’t help.

Luckily, a runners club in Quebec continues to help Jeph not only with the physical and mental aspects of running, but his French, as well!

Lessons Learned

Part of of the beauty of running is learning about yourself not only as an athlete, but as a person.

“Anything you really value in life, or what you really want to achieve in your life, is hard work,” Jeph noted, emphasizing that we may “hit the wall” both on and off the race course.

Jeph’s advice for other runners is to keep in mind that our sport should be enjoyed. “We’re not pro-athletes. People have to get up and work in the morning. If you can’t walk, that’s a problem.” Train hard. Train strong. But don’t train yourself into injuries and anxiety.


Jeph is now training for the Montreal Marathon and plans to run another half-marathon in July. He dreams of a BQ, and I’m confident he’ll get there!

You can follow Jeph’s ongoing running journey and marathon training by following him on Instagram: @jeph.runs.sherby, as well as his blog, All In Strides.

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