My Week Off Of Running & How I Handled It

So many of my Instagram followers are taking time off right now. Some are healing from injuries; others are trying to prevent them. Whatever the reason, taking time off from running is hard. One week feels like one month, or even longer.

After the Akron half marathon, I walked away (for the first time) without any injuries. I still took a week off, though. I scheduled a minor, in-office surgery for the Tuesday after my Saturday half. This put me out for the week, and tomorrow will be my first day back!

During this very slow week, I decided to use the time to work on a few things and really take the time to mentally focus. Next month, I start a sixteen week custom training program (written by yours truly) for the Rock N Roll DC Marathon. It was important that I got a few things in check before beginning to train for my first 26.2.

Check out what I have been up to below!

Locking down my nutrition. My eating during this last training cycle was terrible. I’m talking three bowls of chocolate Frosted Flakes at one time terrible. I don’t so much care about losing or gaining weight, but I do care about properly fueling myself. Chocolate Frosted Flakes, Nutella, french fries, and simple carbohydrates weren’t cutting it. I was always hungry, and it while part of that is the nature of our sport (especially during peak training weeks), I’m pretty sure it’s partly because I was loading up on empty-crap-food rather than food that sustains my level of activity.

This week, I made it a point to get back on track. I’ll be sharing the plan and results in a different post after I keep at it for a while, but I’m back on my “plan” that aims to build muscle, sustain long runs, and make me feel better in general.

PS: No one is perfect, so you better believe I am eating loads of pasta every Sunday.

Self-rehabbing a sore achilles. Did I injure it? No. It was more or less just sore at the end of my training cycle. I wanted to avoid and injury, though, so I took advantage of the week off in that respect. I rested it, made sure I didn’t walk around barefoot often, and did some stretching. Within about 72 hours, it seemed to be fine, so hopefully, it stays that way!

Having serious conversations with myself about time goals. I didn’t hit my time goal in Akron. It was unrealistic; simple as that. I wasn’t ready for it. I totally believe in setting goals in running, but setting goals that are simply unattainable for the time being is discouraging. Moving forward with other races with with my marathon training, I plan to set goals that are realistic. At some point, goals that I said were unattainable will be realistic.

I’ve got a 10K on October 23 that I’m really looking forward to. I hope to run that in 55 minutes or less, but I’ll be happy with anything under an hour. I hope to run my marathon in 4:45 or so. My half PR is 2:15, so a 4:45 full marathon is a good goal for my first one.

I’m taking a break from really intense time goals. My body needs it; my mind needs it; my soul needs it. I plan to challenge myself, but not the point that it causes me to sacrifice my love for the sport.

Doing some side crochet projects. Many of my followers are unaware that I’m pretty advanced when it comes to crocheting. I’ve made everything from blankets, to sweaters, to stuffed animals, and more. I still crochet my own items, but I’ve decided to take on a project or two for a friend. It’s been a while, and I think starting these projects will be a great way to unwind during my training.

Watching cheesy 90s movies. The lineup includes Twister, Jumanji, and (wait for it…) The Santa Clause. Yes, I am that person – I am all for stores putting Christmas decorations on display as soon as August hits.

And last but not least…

Getting everything in order to launch my run coaching businessIt’s getting real! I’ve got the logo, the name, the bank account, the website, the LLC – it’s all coming together. Sneak peek for my followers: Bold Speed Ahead. Enjoy! Still making some changes, but it’s almost there!


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