Running Shoes: Meet Emily – @runningacrossohio

It’s been way too long without a feature on the blog, and I’m so happy to pick it back up again with Emily! Emily is from Cuyahoga Falls and she has set the amazing goal of running every half marathon in Ohio. Yes, every single one (I’m working on her for Youngstown). Through her running journey, Emily works to benefit many different charities.


Of course, my first question was what sparked the idea? Ohio isn’t the biggest state, but it certainly isn’t the smallest. We have a lot of half marathons, that’s for sure. “I can’t even tell you exactly what spurred this,” she said, but hearing others talk about lofty goals like a half marathon in every state helped lead her to this idea. With young children, it’s challenging to move around the country, so we get to keep Emily right here at Ohio’s races.

At the moment, Emily is signed up for at least four half marathons. With no hard timeline in place, her goal is tackle them all within five years. So far, Emily’s favorite race is the Wooster Heart & Sole Half Marathon, an out and back course that’s a smaller event. She has also completed some larger races in the state, such as the Akron Half Marathon. “I’ve done small and large events; I’m not really one to love one over the other.”

The best part of our interview happened when I asked Emily to tell me about her confidence to stick to half marathons. Whether or not we believe that it requires confidence in the running community, it does – and Emily proudly wears these very wonderful accomplishments and doesn’t let pressure to run longer distances, namely marathons, get to her. After running the Columbus Marathon in 2013 and dealing with a knee injury that resulted in a DNF at the Chicago Marathon in 2012, she confirmed her perfect distance: 13.1.


“When I run half marathons, I just really like the distance. It feels more realistic,” she said, referring to her dedication to raising her children and making her family a top priority. With the support of her husband, she is able to happily train for half marathons and enjoy that training.

She also added, “Running needs to be enjoyable, and it isn’t worth the strain if you aren’t passionate about it. Figure out what works best for you and don’t worry about what other runners are doing.”


It was so refreshing to hear someone speak so positively about the huge accomplishments of half marathons!

Emily’s 2017 race schedule is not fully planned just yet, but she’s currently signed up for three runs in the spring: Union Hospital Run for Home (New Philadelphia); Pro-Football Hall of Fame Half (Canton), and the Cleveland half.

Bold Speed Ahead, LLC wants to support Emily in anyway possible. There is a “donate now” button on her blog,, where you can help raise funds for local charities. “This isn’t about me. I want people to learn about these charities and bring awareness to the different things I am running to support,” said Emily – and I know that is true!

Best of luck to you, Emily – hope to see you in Youngstown on June 4. You can follow Emily on her blog as well as Instagram: @runningacrossohio.

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