2017 #GAMEONPGH Training Plan – 2:10

Ah, the time has come – the time to climb back into half marathon shape! I ran a 5k this weekend and my legs are sore (loling). I mean, I think part of that was because I ran faster than I have been lately. But the other part is that I just haven’t gotten as much mileage is as I usually do the past few weeks. I let myself off the hook because…it is time…to really start to train for Pittsburgh’s 13.1.

You can find my self-created training plan HERE. My goal is a 2:10, which would be a 5 minute PR. What I love about being an RRCA Certified Coach is that I make plans that cater to what I need, enjoy, and can handle. Those generic training plan apps just don’t do me any good!

My plan is significantly different than what you might expect. You’ll notice I am doing *zero* speed drills. I hate them. I hate them with a passion. I will run hills day and night before I run speed drills, and they aren’t always best for long distance training. You may be surprised that my plan includes just three days of a running, but that’s what I can fit into my ridiculous schedule, and that’s what I know will help me meet a goal and avoid injury.

Let me know what you think!

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