This Christmas, Stop Lying: Business Is NOT Easy

My newsfeed has been littered with posts of mothers laying around with sick children preaching that they’re happy to be able to work from home and put family first. That they don’t have to deal with a “boss.” That they don’t have to worry about working.

I work from home as well, and I’m annoyed. Business don’t do the work on their own when your kids are sick. Let’s be a little more realistic, guys. The truth is that you have the freedom to set your own hours, which is great. But in no way is it true that you can neglect working (even for a day) and expect your business to flourish

When you work from home, you probably work more than you do when you work outside of the home if we are talking about hours. I really, really dislike when I see a photo and someone preaching “Thankful that I don’t have to worry about work right now.”

Are you sure you’re in business? I really can’t think of a time when I was able to just “take the day off.” When you are self-employed, taking the day off means working in the evening. Taking the weekends off means busting your ass more during the week. We need to stop pretending that people just have a boatload of free time when they own a business. Down the road, it may ease up. But for many, many years – potentially for the duration of the business – you will absolutely, without a doubt, have to work and make-up the time when you are not working.

This is true for the MLM industry, as well. I’m over the smoke screen that this is an industry where you just don’t have to work. Few people are honest about the work that has to go into this, and the truth is that it is a lot of work. Don’t expect to sit back and watch products “sell themselves.” The messages. The posts. The team calls. The personal development. These are all forms of work and you can’t let them slide.

I just want everyone to be more honest about what it means to own a business. I’ll start:

  • You’re going to work more than 40 hours a week starting out, and your pay will be laughable if you calculate hourly rate. The only thing worse is reporting to a boss who micro-manages every damn thing you do.
  • There is no “paid vacation,” but the good news is that there doesn’t need to be. Sure, everyone needs a break, but you don’t run from your job onto some tropical island for seven days when you love what you do. Everyone needs a little break – but expect it to be hard to stop working simply because you love what you do.
  • You are responsible for the unexpected. Whether you have a digital product/service or a physical one, if something goes awry, that’s all on you. Things are always better and more efficient when you fix them yourself, anyway, right?
  • No one else is going to work as hard as you. It’s simple. No one else formed your team; no one else has the same exact dream as you; no one else gets your reasons as good as you do. Be prepared to work harder than anyone else to make your dream a reality. The best part about it is that you get the rare feeling of “hey, I made this a reality.”

Can you think of anything else? I’ve said it a few times (well, probably more than a few), but I’ll say it again just for good measure: You aren’t going to build a six figure business in a year’s time by working during your child’s nap time. Be prepared to #bustyourass.

This Christmas, gift your prospects the gift of honesty.

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