Please Get Off Of Your High Horse: Spam is Spam; Yours Isn’t Any Better

I came across a post on Facebook where a woman bragged about how people wouldn’t read her full Facebook status before commenting and that said action would result in them spamming her post. Here is the text that she claims went viral (head scratch)…

“I’m thinking about joining another company…
I’m more than happy with Avon but I’d like to know what else is out there.

Ready to join someone TONIGHT! Let me know the company you are with and drop your links!!!

So often direct sales representatives will just spam the shit out of someone’s post the first chance they get to promote their company and have someone join their team… Let’s try focusing on building a relationship first, business second. If the only reason I am on your friends list is because you want to sell me something, but we have NEVER talked, please go ahead and delete me.

I’d also like to add that I am actually not interested in joining another company… I am 100% satisfied with my company I am currently with and this post is just a test to see how many of you will actually read till the end…”


First, this person friend requested me and doesn’t know me. Wonder why that was. She asked a question about lipstick once and I answered her via messenger and never got a response. #relationshipbuildingskilzzzzzz

But here is the best. Turns out that the person who posted this also made the following posts on her Facebook page:

  • Stock photos of Avon makeup/skincare
  • The price to join Avon and what bonuses come with it
  • BLATANT product posts (btw lip bundles are like 45 bucks right now – just thought you should know)
  • A photo of her Avon branded debit card with the numbers covered up (…?)

And this is someone who wants to critique other women for “spamming” her.

Please hear me out. If you want to be a change in the market, be a change in the market. Being hypocritical doesn’t count.

You cannot rag on other women for “spamming” your posts when you spam everyone else’s newsfeed with stock photos of lip bundles and lotion that smells like my grandmother’s bathroom. You cannot troll other women about ‘spamming” when you just finished a public post about how much it costs to get a bottle of bug spray. And for the love of God and all that is holy, please don’t claim to be original when you post that damn thing about Facebook’s algorithm.

Attraction Marketing only works if the attraction part holds up. People may be attracted to your super-sleek post about how other women shouldn’t be spammy, but when others find out you’re doing the same thing, you lose.

Plus, spamming everyone via your personal page is worse than people commenting on posts. One is isolated; the other one makes us all suffer and drown in a world full of Skin So Soft right along with you.

In case you can’t tell, I’m irritated. Either disrupt the market or don’t. Hint: Stock photos of lipstick aren’t usually good conversation starters. #bundlesdontbuildrelationships

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