An Open Letter To My Future Team Members: This Is My Pledge To You

So many of you know by now that I’m not all for feeding prospective team members lines of bullshit over and over. That I don’t subscribe to taunting others with stories of million dollar earners and teams of 4000+ members. That I despise making it look easy.

I’m asked quite a bit, “So what do you do then? What are you all about?” And here is my answer.

Dear Future Team Members,

I’m not going to respond to your interest with some giddy “oh my god girl you could soooo do this!!!! Let’s get you signed up!” robotic message. Before you even give this opportunity any more thought, please read my pledge to you and decide if I’m a good fit as your leader.

I pledge to hold you accountable for learning what it means to be in business. There are a lot of MLM recruiters who are out to get women to join their team and that’s where it stops. I’m not one of them. If you’re looking for someone to simply earn off of you, please don’t join me in business. I will hold you to a higher standard. I will ask you to think critically about your reasons for doing this and I will expect you to be creative when it comes to running your business. If you aren’t willing to put the work in, don’t waste your time – this isn’t the team for you and we won’t gel.

I pledge to teach you new marketing techniques, and I expect you to utilize them so that you don’t waste your time and money. You will not be thrown into a “training group” with a buttload of files that provide you with scripted messages to spew to a list of 100 people. I don’t run my show like that because I don’t want to see women fail or compromise their amazing personalities to become a company and sales robot. We will learn attraction marketing, personality marketing, and most importantly – how to use your uniqueness to draw in your audience.

I pledge to be honest with you – you might not like that sometimes, but anything less would make me a terrible leader. You aren’t going to make six figures overnight or in a month or probably even six months. There’s a difference between realistic and unrealistic goals, and I’ll help you reach high without letting you set yourself up for failure. You will fall short sometimes; that happens to all of us. I’ll tell you and explain how this will be difficult but worth it. I will not work to make you a replica of me because that isn’t what good duplication is made of. I will not let you think that a business doesn’t require money, and I’ll probably break a lot of the other myths you’ve believed.

I pledge to treat you like an individual, not like a number. Teams get big, and that’s great. I feel like so many people get lost in the shuffle when that happens. Everyone who is willing to put the work in deserves the same amount of attention. Not just a post in a group. Not just a team call. Individual attention is what drives individuals and that’s what you’re going to get. If you’re looking for someone totally hands off, best to look at someone else.

Most importantly, I pledge to help you make the business what you want to make it. There are team builders who try to force everyone into high earning categories so they can get more cycle bonuses or earn more each week. Not cool. Whether you want money for groceries or a career, I’ll position myself to help you figure out what you want and make it happen.


So that’s what I’m all about. Not numbers or percentages or whatever – but helping people become successful, whatever that means to them.

Cannoli, cannoli, cannoli –

Courtney XO

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