Facebook Friend Requests Are Not The Same As Customer Leads

First off, I feel INSPIRED #af because I just got done teaching a three day course on attraction marketing. I cannot help but share some of what we learned with you! Most importantly, Facebook friend requests are not the same as customer leads. Let’s talk about some of the differences as we go into the weekend and continue those holiday sales.

Something that others are often frustrated about is that they are victims of the following:

  • Receive friend request
  • Accept friend request
  • Receive quintessential “hey girl” message five seconds later
  • Leave pissed off because of a cold sales pitch

First, let me tell you the good news: There is absolutely a time and place to tell people about your products, services, and business opportunity.

And now the bad news: That time and place isn’t immediately after you send a friend request; it’s about 2-3 levels down in a typical Sales Funnel.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you should be following a process instead of just jumping on people about what it is you have to offer. Very few teams that I have been a part of have taught much about Sales Funnels, and they are a necessary part of any sales business – including network marketing.

Sales Funnels are a topic of their own, so I won’t get into it a ton here – but the first level of a Sales Funnel is awareness which is where you generate and find customer leads. The awareness level is where people become aware of your product/service and business. These are the people who you should focus on when you are building your contact list and your future customer and team base. A lead does not guarantee anything, but this is someone who has become aware of what you have to offer and may very well want to know more.

If this is how we define leads, it should be easy to see why sending a friend request and sending a message to said person five seconds after acceptance is spammy and way too salesy. This person is not a lead just yet; s/he hasn’t even had enough time to be come an acquaintance, let alone a lead who is aware of your products, services, and business opportunity!

It’s time to start treating your business like a business. A Sales Funnel is the best way to get to know people and meet milestones. It takes time to move people through your Sales Funnel, but hey – building the business takes time. The best part? You will be a lot more efficient and generate MORE sales and team members by utilizing a Sales Funnel. No more sending 500 messages per week and gaining 4 leads.

Interested in starting a business and utilizing proven techniques like the Sales Funnel? Apply to be part of my 2018 Mentorship program!

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