I Pledge Not To Provide “Updates” On Postpartum Weight Loss, and This Photo Explains Why

So, I’ll come right out and say it: I see a lot of women post “updates” about where they are in their postpartum weight loss journey. I respect these journeys; they are not easy. I realize that posting about it on social media can be therapeutic.

I also realize how detrimental it can be. It can turn into something unhealthy and you may not even realize it. I became obsessed with losing weight after my last pregnancy. I mean obsessed. I tried things that weren’t crazy; things that were crazy – and honestly, it didn’t matter that I hung on to ten extra pounds because I looked fantastic. Funny how you can look back and think, “Wow, I was really hard on myself. That was stupid.”

I always knew that numbers on the scale could be misleading, but the photo below confirms that.


This is me at about 39 weeks last pregnancy and this pregnancy. I weight the same. I’ve gained 53 lbs just like I didn’t last time despite logging over 300 pregnancy miles this pregnancy as oppose to doing absolutely nothing last pregnancy. This comparison should make you giggle – my face doesn’t even look the same, but the number on the scale sure does.

See, here’s the thing: Scales are fucking dumb. Women are fucking amazing, though.

I updated my followers constantly about my post-pregnancy weight after my daughter was born in 2014. Comparison photos, updates on the numbers, etc. This time, you won’t be seeing these posts.

You won’t be seeing side-by-side photos of me. You won’t know what the number on the scale says. You won’t see me say much about my weight at all, if anything. I’m way more than a number on a scale. I’m a (soon to be) mom of three, a pretty cool and chill wife, a distance runner, a race director, and I can cook a pot of sauce that will knock people off their feet. Tell me again why a number on the scale should define me…?

Don’t get me wrong. I look forward to working hard, getting back into running at my normal pace, and achieving post-pregnancy weight loss. But this will not, absolutely not, be the focus of my life for a year or more again.

I 100% pledge not to post these updates. I want to encourage you to define yourself to the world with something else other than losing weight. The world needs to see you for the awesome person that you are, not that you lost thirty pounds after you had a child. Sorry, but it’s true – you’re way more than a number on the scale or an arbitrary timeline that shows just how quickly you lost baby weight.

It’s important to be healthy for you, your family, and your children. It’s not important to let a number on a scale define what healthy is for you. Remember that. Good health > numbers on a scale society deems as “normal.”

You’re awesome. I’m awesome. That’s enough.

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