#FridayFive: 5 Embarrassing Runner Ailments And How To Fix Them

Look – running can be an embarrassing sport, and we all know it. From chapped butts to GI issues and beyond, most runners can tell you the story of “that one time during a run” where they experienced one or more delightful, bodily malfunction.

Don’t lie – I know it’s happened to you!

Over the years, I have learned some tips and tricks (that are usually affordable) to help move past, soothe, and/or prevent some of the most common runner ailments.

Ailment #1: Butt chapping and chafing

So fun, right? I have come back from a run only to find that my ass cheeks are currently on fire (true story). As a mom of three, I knew I had to have something on-hand that would remedy this. Enter Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment!

This 41% petroleum jelly in a tube is perfect, and with just 41%, there’s room for oxygen to work its way in dry up the redness. I haven’t used it during a run, BUTT you bet (see what I did there) I have used it after to soothe my “issue.” I find this to be a great alternative to other chafing products as well as Vaseline because…well…it’s made specifically for butts.

Ailment #2: Bladder Leaks (probably ladies only)

If you’re pregnant or have had babies, you feel me. I know you feel me. I ran through 40 weeks of pregnancy with my last baby and while it was such a rewarding and memorable experience….just, ok. Let me stop there and tell you my “that one time on a run” story.

It was the day before my scheduled C-section. I was 40 weeks and 1 day. The night before, I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. I had run my last pregnancy mile and I was leaking all over the damn place. I rushed to my doctor’s office and her response after lab testing: “It was urine.” UGH. What a waste of a trip when I could have been getting a pedicure or eating chocolate the day before major abdominal surgery.

As a C-section mama, I haven’t experienced any issues from pushing a baby through my crotch. I know many women do. I’ve been asked countless times about handing bladder leaks; I’ve also heard how terribly uncomfortable and high maintenance it can be to wear a pad – especially during a marathon.

Alas, Poise has heard our complaints and has delivered Impressa Bladder Supports. Ladies, you must give these a try. They’re inserted like a tampon and are made just for women who have “stress induced incontinence.” So, for us – the women who don’t need depends but also don’t want to smell like cat piss after running during our lunch breaks.

Ailment #3: Farting (not to be confused with “fartlek” – that’s different)

I mean, I don’t much care about this one. BUT, my stomach can get kind of uncomfortable. I hear often that runners do not like to take medications before running (which I get), so once again, a baby product comes into play.

Medications like the adult form of Gas-X can leave a chalky feeling or gross aftertaste in your mouth. That’s why I LOVE the infant’s gas drops. You can buy these any major drug store, and the liquid goes down easy and doesn’t taste like much (babies like bland). No chalkiness, no aftertaste – and a stomach that seems to cooperate in this arena.

Ailment #4: Dry Mouth (which means “drool mouth”)

Dry mouth is really uncomfortable and gross. Swishing water around and spitting it out might help very briefly, but before you know it, you’ve wasted all the water in your hand-held water bottle trying to remedy it.

White junk cakes on the corners of your mouth, and of course, so. much. drool.

Hygiene company ACT has created lozenges just for dry mouth! Obviously, you don’t want to eat one of these while running (hello choking), but using one right before your run will help you avoid dry mouth. If you really want to get into a routine to avoid dry mouth, you should also check out mouthwash and toothpaste by Biotene.

Ailment #5: Stinky, Sweaty Feet

I am only of those lucky people who don’t sweat a ton, thankfully. So, I don’t typically have the stink feet issue. Sometimes, though – on those 80 degree days – stuff gets questionable. I am sure I could go out and spend the money on some kind of special runner foot powder or whatever, but ya girl is all about bargains and using shit that’s already in the house.

The answer to this issue is super cheap and can be found just about anywhere: Cornstarch baby powder. Throw a little of this in your socks AND your shoes to help contain the sweat and avoid that lovely odor (as well as blisters from moisture). I usually buy mine at Family Dollar or Dollar General – I can get a big ol’ bottle of it for a buck!


I hope you enjoyed this weeks #FridayFive. Has this entry inspired you to start your own running blog? Get your instant download Blog So Hard Planner on my Etsy Shop and get writing!

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