Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Chose To Make Pittsburgh My First 26.2


Honesty time: I registered for THREE marathons since 2014, and the number I’ve completed is currently….0. I don’t want to say that I felt intimidated or scared of the distance, but as a gal who operates so much on intuition and “gut feelings,” I guess it just didn’t feel right.

When I clicked the “register” button for the 2019 DICKS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, it felt exactly right. Check out why.

The newly designed course takes runners on a tour of iconic Pittsburgh sports arenas. If you’re not a Pittsburgh sports fan, I am so sorry. Regardless, turning the corner and running past PNC Park or Heinz Field is quite a site. Aside from that, runners will cross all three of Pittsburgh’s rivers, travel on foot through 14 of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, and swarm past PPG Paints Arena. To learn more about the course, updated in 2017, click here.

I eat hills for breakfast already, anyway. When other runners learned that I chose a course with hundreds of feet of elevation gain, they told me that it’s “not exactly a beginner course.” I get that. However, I live in Youngstown, OH – the home of Mill Creek MetroParks (MCMP). MCMP is the 142nd largest park inside city limits, and the hills are…humbling, to say the least. MCMP is my typical training ground, so I’m no stranger to elevation! Yes, Pittsburgh is the city of bridges and is home to many, many hills – bring it on. #hillsforbreakfast

The Run For A Reason Charity Program includes Children’s Hospital. Many are aware, but some are not – my youngest son, Michael, as a rare genetic syndrome called 47,XYY. This is typically not serious; in fact, only 15% of boys are ever diagnosed because they are largely asymptomatic! However, if Michael ever needs genetic analysis or treatment, our pediatrician said they’ll send him to the best of the best: Children’s of Pittsburgh. I am so excited to be a charity runner for Children’s Hospital! You can check out my fundraising page here. Make a donation to support Children’s Hospital’s efforts to provide children the best care out there.

It’s not just a marathon for me; it’s a weekend of family events for all five of us. All five of us – my husband, 8-year-old, 4-year-old, and 9-month old are spending the marathon weekend in Pittsburgh! My 8-year-old and I are going to run the UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Sports Medicine 5K together and my 4-year-old is going to run the Chick-Fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon. We are also planning a trip to the Children’s Museum and Carnegie Science Center. This is a weekend for the whole family, not just for crazy marathon mom!

It’s one of the most well-organized road racing events in our region. I am the former race director of a major road race. I know what goes into creating a course that is perfectly measured, medals and swag that are eloquently marketed, and more. With that experience under my belt, I can truly say that the DICKS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events is one of the most well-orchestrated around.

So, what are you waiting for?! Register HERE! If you’re running the full or half marathon, use code POULLASDSGPM19 and checkout for $10 off.

Peace. Love. Running. Yins.

XOXO – Court


I am a proud official blogger for the 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon. While bloggers are not monetarily compensated for our efforts, we do receive perks. I’ve run Pittsburgh three times over, so all of the above is from the heart!

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