#FreeHugs: Review Of The Mizuno Wave Horizon 3

Anyone who follows my running journey knows that I have a lot to say about shoes. Pain in your IT band? Change shoes. Achilles tendon giving you issues? Change shoes. Not meeting your PR goals? Change shoes. You get the point…

So, by the time I reached year four in my running journey, I was still at a bit of a loss for the kind of shoe I was looking for. I wanted something that would sustain comfort and cushion on long runs, but also something light enough for speed intervals (which I run on the treadmill, not on the track).

Thankfully, Mizuno Running reached out to me to collaborate on the upcoming release of the Wave Horizon 3. I’ve been test-driving those bad boys since February, and I am thoroughly impressed with the fit, comfort, stability, and light-weight of the Wave Horizon 3.

Mizuno was probably the only brand of running shoes I haven’t tried since I began running. Over the course of my running career, I’ve run in Nike, Asics, Hoka One One, Brooks, New Balance…even Champion from Payless (do not laugh!). Mizuno didn’t cross my radar despite my spending most of my time in a running specialty store during my career as a marathon race director.

In short, I was excited to try Mizuno – a brand I wasn’t all that familiar with. I figured I could use the Wave Horizon 3 on some of my shorter runs, but I ended up using them for just about every run!

I began breaking the shoes in by walking and completing short runs (3-4 miles) in them. Considering that my feet are narrow, I’ve typically worn narrow shoes to eliminate extra space and make for a comfortable fit. The problem I’ve often faced is that the laces make the fit SO TIGHT (no matter how loose I tie them) that my feet have 1) nearly become bruised on the top; 2) gone numb – yes! Actually happened with more than one model.

So, when I realized that the Wave Horizon 3 fit snuggly but didn’t strangle or bruise my feet, I was relieved. As I read up a bit more about the shoes, I learned that upper part of the Wave Horizon 3 is comprised of Mizuno’s latest AeroHug technology that wraps around the foot, eliminating any space between shoe and foot. In short, the shoes are designed to create an adaptive, responsive ride.


I quickly realized that I could take these shoes out on a long run, so I did – I ran my 14 miler in them this past weekend, and the comfort and fit sustained. When I discovered how lightweight they are, I took them for a spin during speed intervals, and I was just as pleasantly surprised with how they held up!

My favorite thing about the Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 is that they’re high value. It’s not often that you find a shoe that doubles for both distance and speed. Purchasing two pair of high quality running shoes – one for distance and one for speed – would run at least $200. Being able to use one shoe for both types of running for less than $170 is a bargain to me (and you know I love a bargain!).

As an RRCA certified coach who works mostly with beginners, I will recommend the Wave Horizon 3 as optimal footwear because it’s versatile and the price point is great. Runners in my market don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on multiple pairs of shoes – they’re new to the sport and want to be cautious with their spending. However, they also want to train in shoes and gear that will help them reach goals and improve. The Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 is an optimal shoe for an optimal price, and I am looking forward to sharing it with current and future athletes!

You can get a pair of Mizuno Wave Horizon 3 shoes here, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! #FindYourHorizon


Note: Mizuno sent me a free pair of the Wave Horizon 3 shoes in exchange for a review on their corporate website. This blog entry is independent of my collaboration with Mizuno, and I wanted to share my honest and unbiased thoughts through this entry. I am not monetarily compensated for any reviews, social media posts, or blog entries regarding Mizuno footwear. This post contains affiliate links from Amazon; this means that if you purchase from the links embedded in this post, I may receive a commission. Read more about influencer and affiliate marketing on the FTC website.

One thought on “#FreeHugs: Review Of The Mizuno Wave Horizon 3

  1. It’s time for me to break down and get another pair. I don’t quite have 500 miles on my old pair, but I think a 200 lb. dude probably breaks them down quicker than the typical 120 pounders who make those recommendations. I get tightness right above my ankles on a long run when my shoes need replaced. What is that?


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