This Is My View, and I Run Anyway

Recently, someone made the comment that I have it all "put together so well." Someone else asked me, "is there anything you don't do?!" in a way that implied that I am supermom/superwife/supergirl. Let me stop you right there: While these comments are flattering and I take them as compliments, I am actually a hot freaking [...]

I Pledge Not To Provide “Updates” On Postpartum Weight Loss, and This Photo Explains Why

So, I'll come right out and say it: I see a lot of women post "updates" about where they are in their postpartum weight loss journey. I respect these journeys; they are not easy. I realize that posting about it on social media can be therapeutic. I also realize how detrimental it can be. It [...]

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Gave Me Shitass “Advice” On A Mom-To-Be Message Board

Let me preface this: I have never been a fan of "mommy groups." I have always been a fan of empowering moms to have confidence and take care of themselves. The two are not interchangeable. Why don't I care for them? I just don't fit in with the whole "mommy group" crowd. No, I don't [...]