Truth: I am not counting down the days to running again

As most of you know, I am sitting here with an air-cast on my foot. I have to wear this thing for four weeks to heal a stress fracture on the top of my foot. My doctor said the pain in my ankle is ligament pain, and that "isolated" or "normal" ligament pain should stop [...]

#AskCoachCourtney: Do I have to run a 20 miler when I train for a marathon?

Welcome to #AskCoachCourtney! Each week or two, I take questions from my loyal readers and followers. I had a few submissions this week, and this one stood out to me because it's often debated: Is a 20 mile run a standard necessity during marathon training? The short answer: No. There are a lot of coaches [...]

Dear Britax: This Is Where You Went Wrong With The (Very Serious) BOB Gear Safety Hazard

  This is a photo of me after I finished my first timed 5k in April 2015. I had my little sidekick with me - my daughter, who wasn't even two yet - in the BOB Ironman jogging stroller. We enjoyed the race and many miles in this stroller. I purchased it because this single-child [...]

PGH Marathon Training Update | 5 Recovery Must-haves

PGH Marathon Training Update | 5 Recovery Must-haves

As many know, I am now in the peak weeks of training for my first full marathon - the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5, 2019. This week, my long run is 18 miles. Next's the dreaded (but necessary) 20 miler. Throughout training, I have made a few mistakes (okay, maybe more [...]